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Moonfish | Outils de modélisation pour la gestion durable des ressources halieutiques en Corse
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The main issue of this project is how to ensure a rational exploitation of the resource. For this we want to propose a model of sustainable economic development. It based on environmentally friendly  fishing strategies, to maintain or restore the stock levels and tend towards maximum sustainable yield (MSY).

This project coordinated by the University of Corsica and CNRS UMR SPE gathers and unites all the institutional and professional actors of the marine environment in Corsica concerned by the management of the halieutic resources : the OEC, the STARESO and the CRPMEM Corsica.

For several years the scientific policy of the University of Corsica base on research themes with strong regional roots. The issue of the proper management of natural resources plays an important role in the reflection on a model of sustainable development. Multidisciplinary research themes in the field of fisheries resource management have develope in collaboration with professionals and institutions, to see the environment not only as an area to protected or defended but also as a support for socio-economic development. A mode of management and exploitation of the halieutic resources in harmony with the environment and with the potential of the stocks, is then the stake of this operation.

The management of fisheries resources is at the heart of current ecological issues. The protection of certain endangered species requires more than ever the establishment of effective regulations. Yet, these policies are nowadays very difficult to set up, as they often generate income losses for professionals. Effective solutions must develope to provide sustainable resource management, cost control and enough profits. Decision support tools based on modeling and simulation (M&S) allow the support of many criteria that can be complementary but also opposing and the establishment of resource optimization methods (OvS).




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